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MODERN LEARNING MEANS MODERN TECHNOLOGY - Optimize Your Employee Training Today (You're Closer Than You Think)

Scott Langdoc, Vice President, BRP
Gary Iles, SVP of Marketing, PlayerLync

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this webinar was recorded on august 22nd

Modern Learning Means Modern Technology – Optimize Your Employee Training Today

The pace of employee learning and training is changing quickly. Rising labor costs, greater attention to compliance, incorporating mobility, and a greater understanding of learning dynamics have heightened awareness around the need to modernize the learning approach. Technology is also changing quickly, offering new insights into operational performance and proving the value that learning has on profitability. 

We’ll cover the most advanced learning approaches and the wave of new platforms that are quickly being adopted by industry leaders, and how simple they are to implement, why it’s makes a difference, and how best to get started. With only 58% of retailers offering focused training today, and half of those self-reportedly require improvement, see how simple, basic adjustments in your approach can have an immediate and measurable impact within 30 days without major process changes or systems forklifts.

About The Hosts

Scott Langdoc
Vice President, BRP
Scott Langdoc has 28 years of management and technology experience as a retail and hospitality IT executive, store systems vendor technology leader, industry strategy consultant, and global market research analyst.  Scott has held retail and non-retail executive positions at Raley’s Supermarkets, PDQuick, USCS International, Fujitsu Retail, ParTech, AMR Research (acquired by Gartner) IDC and RetailCENTRIC.
Gary Iles
SVP of Marketing

Gary is a technology executive with a wealth of experiences across the entire Marketing functions. He launched his career with AT&T, as a sales rep and manager. From that time, Gary has been a consultant and business leader Fortune 100s and start-up companies. Gary's and experiences has led him to the leading edge of telecommunication service, collaboration technologies, software development, and now modern learning and performance support technologies as PlayerLync's head of Marketing.

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