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PlayerLync is a mobile learning and operations software that integrates content distribution, e-learning, and paperless operations into a single solution that helps the front line deliver exceptional customer experiences. Currently keeping 1,000,000+ users in sync at great brands like these:

  • chipotle
  • blaze_pizza.png
  • starbucks
  • Red Robin
  • gold_star_chiliArtboard 1
  • Cinnabon
  • Jack in the box
Industry Leading Mobile Content Management

Mobilize Your Content

  • Advanced offline features overcome access and bandwidth limitations

  • Automatic synchronization, even to sleeping devices, means no downloads required

  • Simply drag & drop to publish or update content everywhere, fast

Modern Mobile Learning

Modernize Your Learning

  • Easily deliver video, documents and eLearning content to mobile devices

  • View content or work and collect data anywhere, even when you’re offline and upload later

  • Integrate with your legacy LMS, or replace it entirely

Operations and Performance Management

Optimize Your Operations

  • Create flexible, mobile-ready digital forms and checklists in minutes

  • Simple reporting and tracking at all levels of the organization

  • Compliance and audits are trackable, and can include photos and videos

jim mizes

Jim Mizes

CEO, Blaze Pizza


PlayerLync is the all-in-one solution for delivering our training and content, but we also use it for internal communications and as a digital recipe book. It’s an individual performance tracker and a content hub. It checks all the boxes to ensure consistency and the success of our brand across every location as we continue to grow.


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