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We know that keeping front-line workers informed and safe is top of mind for organizations around the world right now as they adjust and change. For the many organizations that are making considerable shifts to their operations, it’s more important than ever to stay coordinated and quickly provide clarity around new training, operating procedures, and health guidelines. 

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Industry Leading Mobile Content Management

Mobilize Your Content

  • Advanced offline features overcome access and bandwidth limitations

  • Automatic synchronization, even to sleeping devices, means no downloads required

  • Simply drag & drop to publish or update content everywhere, fast

Modern Mobile Learning

Modernize Your Learning

  • Easily deliver video, documents and eLearning content to mobile devices

  • View content or work and collect data anywhere, even when you’re offline and upload later

  • Integrate with your legacy LMS, or replace it entirely

Operations and Performance Management

Optimize Your Operations

  • Create flexible, mobile-ready digital forms and checklists in minutes

  • Simple reporting and tracking at all levels of the organization

  • Compliance and audits are trackable, and can include photos and videos

jim mizes

Jim Mizes

CEO, Blaze Pizza


PlayerLync is the all-in-one solution for delivering our training and content, but we also use it for internal communications and as a digital recipe book. It’s an individual performance tracker and a content hub. It checks all the boxes to ensure consistency and the success of our brand across every location as we continue to grow.


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