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The Modern Workforce: Equip Your Workplace for an Agile World

To successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape of business, companies must exhibit five key characteristics. These include

  1. Commitment to total customer responsiveness
  2. Drive for fast-paced innovation
  3. Achieving flexibility through empowerment
  4. Embracing change
  5. Building systems that support change

Possessing these traits is essential for any company looking to stay agile and adapt quickly to shifting market conditions. Surprisingly, despite having had over 25 years to develop these traits, less than half of companies are confident in their ability to turn unexpected changes into opportunities. However, research indicates that the modern workforce may hold the key to moving organizations forward. Their expectations align with the core tenets of an agile business, making them a valuable catalyst for organizational agility.

To learn more about how to prepare for the modern workforce and drive agility within your company, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide.

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Why PlayerLync?

From professional sports teams to restaurant, retail and hospitality companies, the most innovative and forward-thinking brands use PlayerLync’s mobile workforce solutions. From rolling out time sensitive information, compliance testing, operational checklists and how-to videos, PlayerLync provides 100% guaranteed instant access to personalized content for every frontline worker, every time.


Training & Development

Go from frustration to a seat at the table. Your employees want access to training and just-in-time information so they can excel at the job. PlayerLync’s Netflix-like platform allows you to reach and engage your workforce with an intuitive, visual mobile app experience.


In an unpredictable environment, the need to reach teams quickly has never been more important. Unlike paper-based training, PlayerLync distributes communication and training in real-time and ensures each employee rapidly assimilates the new information.


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