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On-Demand Webinar

ChatGPT. TikTok. Gen Z. What Trends to Consider as You Plan Your Content Strategy

In a world where people go to TikTok and YouTube to learn how to do almost anything, your training content needs to be engaging and modern for a diverse audience. Many times, you’re also being asked to create new materials with few resources and little turnaround time. From new menu items or products, updated safety procedures, limited-time offers, or a flash sale. How do you better strategize?

With employee turnover as high as ever, the onboarding experience is hugely important as is ongoing education. Empowered and engaged employees that feel invested in as they learn new skills stay around longer. This will help reduce onboarding costs and let’s your management team focus on increasing revenue and other important areas.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • How to create content that resonates with and considers the needs of a diverse workforce.
  • Determining the right mix of content. Microlearning. In-person. Multilingual. Online. Just-in-time. Video. Interactive. Reuse existing content.

  • Are traditional learning management systems (LMS) the most effective for frontline teams?

  • How the distribution of content to the frontline compares with traditional desk workers.

  • What is just-in-time training at the point of work?

  • Should AI play a role in your short-term strategy?





Matt Nelson Dean Okimoto
CEO, Modern Training Solutions Engineer, PlayerLync





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