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On-Demand Webinar

How Teriyaki Madness Overcame Frontline Engagement Challenges on a Shoestring Budget

Teriyaki Madness, a fast-casual restaurant tracking to open 60 new locations in 2023, needed a training program that could adapt and grow with them.

Learn how Teriyaki Madness went from “prayer management,” aka zero visibility into store training and operations, to be able to report on content engagement, individual employee and/or location training, and even daily checklists. They accomplished this with a very small team and an even smaller budget.

  • How to quickly build and roll out frontline training without the support of a large team 
  • Lessons learned and best practices to increase your frontline engagement 
  • How PlayerLync has become the “great equalizer” across the business 
  • The benefits Teriyaki Madness reaped from standardizing training across locations 
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Jules Langston Connor Rosell
Franchise Business Coach, Teriyaki Madness Customer Success, PlayerLync





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